Vandteknologi A/S

Company profile


Dansk Vandteknologi A/S carries out assignments in technical water treatment among other things in public swimming pools, fountains and much more.
The company was started on 3 January 2005 by Per Bruun Hedeager. Today there are 10 employees in the company.

High quality and energy-optimal solutions are the key words for Dansk Vandteknologi A/S.

Dansk Vandteknologi A/S has been named Gazelle company the 2010th.


The company is a member of the Association of Danish  Swimming pool installers. Read more about the association click the logo below.


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Our services


Dansk Vandteknologi A/S operates in the following areas:


  • Public swimming pools - new construction & renovation
  • Fountains
  • Aquaria
  • Container solutions
  • Much more